COVID-19 Level-4 Update

COVID-19 Level-4 Update

As we head into COVID-19 Level 4 restrictions, we wanted to give our customers a quick update to ensure you’re aware that we have your back.

During the latest Level-4 restrictions, our team will be working remotely to support and maintain your systems, with on-site work only being completed in a critical or emergency situation, assessed on a case-by-case basis.

You can continue to contact us via our normal methods:
Phone: 0800 483 882

When contacting our support team, please be aware that we are currently experiencing a high volume of queries and assisting our customers with their working from home requirements. We apologise in advance for any delay this may cause in resolving your enquiry.

While we all work through this crisis together, we kindly ask:

  • If your query is not urgent, please email our support team rather than calling. This allows us to keep our phone lines a little more free for those customers with an urgent service requirement.
  • Keep calm, we’ve got your back! This is an unprecedented event which we’re all grappling with. Our team are here to help, and if we all do our best to keep a cool and calm head, we’ll be able to work through things together much easier.
  • If you’re having difficulty paying invoices as your business has been severely affected, please get in touch with our accounts team promptly and keep communication flowing. Cashflow is going to be hard on all businesses during this time, so let’s help each other out and keep talking.
  • Lastly, please keep safe. With modern IT systems, we can build and put platforms in place to allow you and your team to work from home, preventing you from exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. Again, get in touch.

We’ll continue to update our website with future COVID-19 updates relating to our business.

Stay strong, and most importantly – stay kiwi. We will get through this together.

Many thanks for your ongoing support,

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