Security Training

Technology alone isn’t enough to safeguard your business

Cyber criminals will find intelligent ways of getting through the cracks.

When they do, they’ll use sophisticated social engineering techniques to manipulate your employees into giving away sensitive information.

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Targeted attacks are on the up.

90% of successful data breaches involve phishing.

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Security awareness is lacking.

12% of users who open a phishing email click the harmful link.

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Technology alone isn’t enough.

1/3 of phishing emails get past default security mechanisms.

What are the potential risks to your business?

  • Regulatory fines
  • Financial loss
  • Downtime and remediation
  • Loss of corporate/ client data
  • Decline in productivity
  • Damage to company reputation

The new Reliance Networks Security Training service gives your organisation confidence in reducing human cyber risk with a comprehensive solution – simplified through automation.

Through intelligent automation, the platform combines continuous training with regular phishing simulations, simplified policy management and behavioural risk scores - enabling you to assess and mitigate your organisation's human cyber risk with leading technology and a user-first approach.

The service includes 5 elements

Cyber Security Awareness Training

CSAT enables your organisation to easily deploy continuous security awareness training in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way.

Packed with engaging training content, uLearn crafts user-tailored programmes and eliminates repetitive admin tasks through automation- reducing insider threats, data breaches and ransomware, while meeting the demands of compliance standards such as GDPR and PCI.

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Assess vulnerabilities and build a risk profile
Reliance Networks-Learn2
Drive awareness with continuous training
Reliance Networks-Learn3
Track progress and demonstrate compliance

Email Phishing Simulation

Automates regular phishing assessments alongside your users' training programme, determining user risk towards common attacks while ensuring training effectiveness.

Your automated feature, AutoPhish, periodically deploys a range of common phishing attacks, tracking real-time compromised rates and highlighting key trends.

Reliance Networks-Phish1
Determine user susceptibility to phishing
Reliance Networks-Phish2
Automate regular phishing assessments
Reliance Networks-Phish3
Empower users to combat sophisticated attacks

Email Account Exposure & Breach Checks

With millions of email login credentials exposed online due to third-party data breaches, users with vulnerable accounts could be targeted by social engineering and business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

Our system quickly identifies which employee accounts are exposed in data dumps, paste sites and hacking forums, as well as which service leaked the user's details and what sensitive data is available.

Reliance Networks-Breach1
Identify user accounts that are exposed online
Reliance Networks-Breach2
Automate continuous exposure checks
Reliance Networks-Breach3
Educate users on how to keep accounts safe

IT Policy Management

Manually updating users on policy updates and chasing signatures is a time-consuming, outdated and ineffective approach.

Once an IT policy has been designed, our IT Policy Management simplifies policy communications and user acknowledgement by automating the process - sending policy changes directly to your users' inbox and tracking who has opened and signed their document.

Reliance Networks-Policy1
Automate policy communications
Reliance Networks-Policy2
Ensure user acknowledgement
Reliance Networks-Policy3
Track signatures and automate reminders

Behavioural Cyber Risk Calculator

Determining the human risk-level of your organisation and assessing how your users are progressing can be difficult to measure.

Risk Score quantifies your employee threat-level by collating various behavioural metrics from the platform, and collating them into an overall grade.

Reliance Networks-Risk1
Assess your organisation's human risk level
Reliance Networks-Risk2
Dig deep into individual risk score
Reliance Networks-Risk3
Visualise how user risk changes over time

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