Computer Down? You Need it Now. Now What?

Computer Down? You Need it Now. Now What?

Ever met someone who responds to computer downtime with applause or relief? Neither have we. When a computer goes down, the individual inevitably needs it fixed fast. Yet, depending on your repair model, it could take longer than you hope. This article compares break-fix to managed services.

The break-fix model is a short-term one. Maybe you have someone you turn to on a consistent basis, but you may still have to wait. If you’re calling for help when it’s needed (and let’s hope it’s not that often), that IT repair guy might not be available. If they’re backed up, you’re going to be waiting.

If you don’t have someone you’ve used before, you’ll need to ask around. Look at reviews to find someone with expertise with your apps, services, or network. Then, you’ll probably need to make many calls until you find someone who can come out now.

But does their immediate availability mean they’re reliable? Bringing in external IT support means trusting someone else with your computer, which often entails letting them know your passwords. A business has good reason to be wary of giving that kind of access to someone they are hiring on a one-off basis.

On the other hand, the managed services model is a long-term one. When you work with a managed service provider (MSP), they get to know your setup and business needs. Yes, in the event of computer downtime their focus is on getting you up and running now, but they will pursue approaches that fit your specific overall objectives.

Why MSPs Make More Sense

In fact, your computer may not have suffered the downtime in the first place. After all, the MSP’s focus is on avoiding any technology disruptions. One of their jobs is to proactively monitor your systems. They want to help identify any issues before they happen.

If something does go wrong, your business has the peace of mind of knowing:

  • You are a priority customer as part of your contract with the MSP.
  • They can remotely access your systems to get started ASAP.
  • You don’t have to pay a premium for rush services. You’re covered by a fixed monthly fee (offering financial predictability, too).

The MSP will also have the advantage of already knowing your business systems and what you need them to do. As a trusted advisor, already supporting your tech, they can find the problem more quickly. They don’t have to learn your IT setup from scratch; they may even have set it up in the first place!

Your MSP partner will take precautionary measures when they know you’re coming up on a busy season. Knowing your tech needs to perform at its peak, they can test systems to ensure resilience. Alternatively, they’ll know when your business slows down, so they can schedule any time-consuming updates or system upgrades more conveniently.

Taking the Long-Term Approach with an MSP

Working with an MSP has benefits beyond dealing with downtime issues, too. When you partner with a reputable MSP, you’re gaining an IT partner invested in your business success.

A break-fix consultant is focused only on what’s gone wrong. The MSP can offer valuable input to improve your productivity and streamline processes. We can also help find budget efficiencies.

Don’t wait for a downtime disaster to seek out someone to get you back in business. Instead, partner with an MSP to avoid those problems in the first place. Enjoy many other benefits, too. Contact us today on 03 683 9090!

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